KALIMA - Founder & CTO

Author of Kalima Blockchain From 2000 André Legendre developed a middleware including a replicated NoSql database dedicated to industrial applications. In 2008 André Legendre developed a hash algorithm adapted to run fast and sure even in mobile equipment. This was to secure OpenIgtLink, an Open Network Interface for Image-Guided Therapy. Using this algorithm, André Legendre developed Kalima a blockchain, a distributed ledger secured by a hashchain, fast and light enough to be usable in industrial applications. Background Expert in distributed and collaborative technologies, André graduated from the Higher National School Telecom Bretagne. André worked in MEA offshore oil exploration in Africa and Middle East. he created in 1983 the Hexale company which has since become a group of 12 IT service providers’ companies in the west of France. In 2000 he founded Absynt Technologies company specialized in software and open source. As expert in advanced technologies for many 'major account' customers and highly confidential companies he contributed to projects as DGA-MI or ex-CELAR (Security data projects for Electronic Armament Center), Yale and Harvard (« OpenIGTLink » project : Open Network Interface for Image-Guided Therapy), Orange (Libon VOIP project), SFR (« M-Parking » project : digital payment of parking charges), SNCF (Traveler information system), ERDF (Power Smart grid Project : STM software - or Measures Treatment System - adaptable to Linky, the french new generation of electricity meters), …


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20 mars 2019 // 11:05 - 11:25 | Salle Blockchain - Atelier | BLOCKCHAIN IOT

BC2 : Kalima : La Blockchain embarquée et l’IOT industriel

Kalima Systems développe une technologie innovante de blockchain embarquée dédiée à l’internet des objets industriel (I-IoT). 

Illustrations : 

  • télé-exploitation de poste source Enedis
  • Passeport numérique de l'avion TBM 930  DAHER



André LEGENDRE - KALIMA - Founder & CTO

20 mars 2019 // 11:30 - 12:30 | Salle Blockchain - Conférence | BLOCKCHAIN

BC3 : Comment mesurer la valeur ajoutée de la blockchain?

La blockchain fait passer du web de l’information au web de la valeur. Où en est-on de cette valeur en mars 2019 ? De son partage ? Valeur d’usage B2B, valeur dans l’échange de la Data, Security Token versus Utility Token,..

Vidal CHRIQUI - BTU Protocol - CEO & Co-Founder
François DE CHEZELLES - TALIUM - CEO & Co-Founder
André LEGENDRE - KALIMA - Founder & CTO
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